Followme founded in 2016, was born from the ambition of its two co-founders Cyril Jacquart and Didier Flahou to create a ticketing tool so that residential and commercial property managers can easily manage incidents reported by occupants who are co-owners, tenants or employees.

We are convinced that a solution must remain simple and close to the needs of users. This is why we are constantly listening to our customers in order to improve this tool and make the needed changes.

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Followme est membre associé ARSEG

ARSEG is the 1st professional network in France dedicated to the Workplace Environment.

By integrating it,  Followme

●   Integrates a network of excellence

●   Highlights its expertise

●   Access to meetings and exchanges of quality

●   Participates to prestigious conferences

Followme est membre de la HappyTech

Followme is a member of Happytech.

HappyTech is a French movement that brings together compagnies who use technology to promote well-being in the workplace environment and that labels start-ups and companies that bring an additional value in this domain.